Kerosene Vs. Electric Heaters: Which Is More Practical?

Portable heaters are a common thing in every household as it offers ample lightning solution at times when the light goes out. They are also the perfect ideal source of heat when planning a camping or an outside project. There are generally two types of heaters that are popular in the market which are electric and kerosene heaters. Both have their benefits are highly appreciated for their practicability. People who spend a lot of time outside or prefer camping every weekend then portable heaters are perfect. Below mentioned are some of the points which will help us differentiate between the two heaters and derive to a conclusion.

To differentiate between the two heaters it is very necessary to ascertain the top 4 questions which arise in our minds before purchasing heaters. These points are mentioned below:


Based on usage it is essential to first ascertain where the heater is going to be used. For job sites and outside camping, kerosene heaters are favorable. The reason being they can emit more heat than electric heaters. Also, they do not require any connection to a power source making it perfect for outdoor usage. Electric heaters are more favorable to be used indoors or just outside the house areas such as a garden or garage.


Depending on the preference of the buyer there are two heaters. The kerosene heater burns very strongly and is combustible. These heaters can provide more heat as it burns more than electric heaters. Electric heaters are cleaner sources of heat and require electricity to run them. If you are planning to use outdoors such camping, trekking, etc than kerosene will do justice and for home usage, electric heaters are best.


Based on usage electric heaters can run for several hours as it is backed by electricity. The electric heater can heat a certain area after a specified period. The kerosene heater can be used to lesser time as compared with electric heaters. Kerosene heaters are best to be used for a short period just to warm up the area especially during the cold winters.


Based on the expenditure in purchasing these heaters kerosene heaters are a better option. Kerosene heaters are cheap and also cost less on usage. On the other hand, electric heaters are expensive as compared to kerosene heaters. Electric heaters also cost more during usage as electricity per unit usage is much more expensive than kerosene usage.


Depending on the several questions we can conclude that both these heaters are good when used in different situations. Kerosene heater is quite effective as it produces more heat than electric heaters. They are advisable for consumers looking for a better heating solution. Electric heaters on the other hand can run nonstop when connected to an electric source which is rewarding. Kerosene heaters are way cheaper in cost and operation as compared to electric heaters. Consumers looking for a cheap and effective heating device should opt for kerosene heaters whereas consumers opting for a portable heat source that can last long can opt for electric heaters.

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