The Smart Home Revolution

There’s no question that the world around us is changing. When I was a kid there was no such thing as cell phones, and these days almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket that is more powerful than any household computer that existed twenty years ago. Even kids age 10 and under have a smart phone these days.

What’s really cool though is that this smart technology is making it way into people’s houses. We can now connect just about everything so that it can be accessed from a smartphone, a computer via the internet, or even through an AI devices such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or one of the other likely suspects.

Amazon is really ahead of the game in this regard. They’ve done a great job of integrating Alexa with a wide array of home products. Their echo devices are like hubs where Alexa can live and interact with different components in your home. She can help you play music through your stereo system. She can dim the lights in the other room if you’ve purchased compatible lightbulbs. She can even help you set the temperatures in different rooms in the house if you have compatible thermostat and have set everything up properly.

So where is all of this going? Will our houses one day have a mind of their own? In an essence, I think yes they will. We already have security systems that can let you know when a door is open, or if movement is detected in your living room. We already have cameras that you can talk through and throw treats to your pet with. Amazon has dash buttons that you can press to order supplies that you can distribute throughout your house. Two days later, the product that the button is assigned to will show up on your door step.

As our technologies continue to become more and more integrated, I can only see how this whole theme is going to become more and more ubiquitous throughout our lives. I can imagine a world where our homes will not simply be “smart”, but they’ll actually be automated. They’ll be able to order our groceries for us, and drones will drop them off to our house and fill our refrigerators. Our home temperature will be controlled automatically, so we don’t even have to think about adjusting the thermostat. Our lawns will mow themselves, our dishes will be cleaned by friendly robots. The only question that’s left is what we’ll be doing with all this extra time.

Hopefully we’ll put it to good use and become an even better version of the amazing human race that we already are. Hopefully we’ll be able to make leaps and bounds of progress with the help of all of this smart technology. Hopefully we won’t just be lifeless blobs sitting in front of our televisions. Hopefully, but we can’t say for sure until it happens.

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